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Every parcel of DRED lands is placed into one of four major categories based on general land use: agricultural lands, conservation easements, forestry lands, and recreation lands. These categories are used for tax purposes under RSA 216-A:3a, 227-H:12 and 227-H:17.

Land Use Categories
as of April 1, 2002


Category Acres
Agricultural Lands 318
Conservation Easements 46,140
Forestry Lands 145,906
Recreation Lands 9,149
Total 201,513

Agricultural Lands - are lands leased for agricultural purposes and which are eligible for taxation by local assessing officials as provided by RSA 72:23-I(b), as amended. Agricultural lands total 318 acres of department land holdings.

Conservation Easement Lands - are privately-owned lands where partial interest has been deeded to the state for the purpose of protecting the land from development. These lands are often subject to public access rights. Conservation easement lands total 46,140 acres.

Recreation Lands - are lands that have or plan to have developed recreation and/or administrative facilities or provide moderate to high tourist attraction or user interest and include those adjoining areas that are an integral part of same. Recreation lands total 9,149 acres. Go to State Parks and Recreation for more information.

Forestry Lands - are lands not a part of a developed recreation or administrative area that support multiple uses not associated with developed recreation. Forestry lands total 145,906 acres.