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 Community Tree Stewards

The Community Tree Steward Program is an innovative use of volunteers. Under the leadership of a Volunteer Coordinator, volunteers go through a ten week training program. The training, provided by many resource professionals, includes such urban forestry topics as tree anatomy and physiology, identification, insects and diseases, proper pruning and planting, and soil and water relationships. It also includes training on fund raising, public speaking, presentation techniques, and field trips.

Upon graduation Community Tree Stewards agree to donate 40 hours of their time delivering tree awareness programs to schools and adult groups and helping communities plan, implement, and monitor their community forestry programs.

When Community Tree Stewards move out into the communities, they are provided with a lifeline to community forestry resource professionals from the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension and the Division of Forests and Lands, as well as information about town officials, the community's past efforts towards a tree program, and the names of potential volunteers. The hope is that as Community Tree Stewards move on to new communities, they will leave a volunteer group in place for long-term planning and care.

For more information about the Community Tree Steward program visit the UNH Cooperative Extension website.