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2017 Forest Fire Warden and State Forest Ranger Report please email:

Fire Statistics

Click above to see the current year fire statistics
(number of fires, acreage burned, largest fire etc...)
as well as historical fire data.

Prevention Material - NFPA has partnered with FIREWISE
to provide low cost and free prevention handouts for Fire Departments. 
The below link will bring you to the catalog.




The Division's Command Trailer is now operational. 

We obtained this trailer through the Federal Excess Personal Property Program (FEPP), it had been used by FEMA after Hurricane Katrina.  We rebuilt some parts of the 34 foot long trailer and gutted the insides to create an open work area. 

The trailer is avaible to agencies throughout New Hampshire for deployment on incidents, it can be ordered through your Forest Ranger the same way you would order any Division resource.


The main room of the trailer offers 3 work stations, printer/copier, a six foot table,
refrigerator, stove and microwave.
The trailer has AC and Heat and can be powered by the portable generators assigned to the trailer.

The front of the trailer contains the communications room. 
This area can be used as a dispatch area or as two extra workstations.

The trailer has been used for Wildland Fire Trainings, Search & Rescue and Emergency Preparedness Drills .

Toll-free Wildland Fire Information Line

Wardens and Deputies can call any time of day from anywhere in the state toll-free to get the class day, information on restrictions, etc.
The number is 1-866-NH-FIRES

A Firefighter cuts down a burning snag

Training Programs are in Powerpoint format

Warden/Deputy Warden Responsibilities

Fire Law Review

Initial Attack Scenario 1

Initial Attack Scenario 2

Initial Attack Scenario 3

Incident Command, Initial Attack to Extended Attack

Wildland Engine Operations - Part 1 - Introduction

Wildland Engine Operations - Part 2 - Tactics

Wildland Engine Operations - Part 3 - Exercises

We Welcome Suggestions for Future Training Topics.
Please Contact your Forest Ranger with Ideas.

Forms For Forest Fire Warden’s

Appointment Forms

Warden Appointment Form
Deputy Warden Appointment Form
Issuing Agent Appointment Form

Fire Bills, Reporting and Firefighter Injuries

Fire Report Form
Procedure for Paying for Fire Suppression
Cost Share Rate Sheet 
Mutual Aid Agreement
Wildland Fire Injury Reporting Procedure
First to Report Injury Form
Occupational Disease and Injury Form

Fire Permits

NEW - DES Trash & Construction Debris Poster
NEW - DES Quick Guide to outdoor burning
"Fire Law" Brochure
Campground Fire Recommendations
Category I and II Fire Specifications
Category IV Permit Information
"Putting Out a Campfire" Brochure
"No Fires Permitted" Poster
"Forest Fire Law" Poster
"Prevent Forest Fires" Poster

Smokey Bear and Fire Prevention

Policy for Smokey Bear Appearances
Complete Guidelines for Smokey Bear
Request a Smokey Bear Appearance
Fire Danger Signs & Smokey Bear Sign - Specifications
Firewise Landscaping & Construction Checklist
Homeowners Guide to Wildfire Prevention
Best Management Practices for Creating a Community Wildfire Protection Plan


Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) Procedure
Request for State FEPP Equipment
Care & Maintenance of Hand Tools
Care & Maintenance of Backpack Pumps
Wildland Fire Equipment Specifications
USDA Wildland Fire Engine Guide
Wildland Fire Engine Maintenance
Chainsaw Safety and Use
Basic Map and Compass
Introduction to GPS

Other Information

Town Tool List
Fire Danger Rating System
2010 Incident Response Pocket Guide (IRPG)
Watchouts, Fire Orders, LCES

Report of Forest Fire Warden and State Forest Ranger

On a daily basis, this site addresses a different high risk situation that historically get fire fighters in trouble.  There is a discussion, a scenerio and also reviews of actual incidents.

Warden Associations

The Forest Fire Warden Associations are membership organizations which bring Fire Wardens together to share information, train and provide Wildland Fire Prevention to their communities. 

There are 10 Forest Fire Warden Associations within the state. They are: Ammonoosuc,
Carroll County, Central NH,Cheshire County, Coos County, Grafton-Sullivan, Hillsboro County, Pemigewasset, Rockingham County, Strafford County. These 10 Warden Associations belong to a state wide organization: the NH State Federation of Forest Fire Warden’s Association. 


Every year the Forest Protection Bureau provides multiple trainings for Fire Warden’s and Fire Departments.

Click here for information on:  Upcoming Trainings and Training Resources

NH National Guard members prepare for bucket drops on a fire at Mount Major near Alton Bay.

Volunteer Fire Assistance Grants (VFA)

Funds are available for Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) grants to fire suppression organizations in communities of less than 10,000 in population. The Division of Forests and Lands receives funding from the United States Forest Service for the VFA Grant Program.

VFA Program
 – Click here to visit the Community Assistance Page and get more information about VFA Grants.

Federal Excess Personal Property Program (FEPP)

The FEPP Program enables the New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands to acquire “on loan”from the federal government, property that assists the Division and Fire Departments in fulfilling their emergency response mission. That property includes such items as trucks, fire tools, hoses, vehicle parts, nozzles, generators and protective clothing.

FEPP Program
– Click here to visit the Community Assistance Page and get more information about the FEPP program.

Firefighters from across the North Country attacked this fire on Cascade Mountain in Gorham.

General Services Administration Program (GSA)

This program allows Fire Departments to purchase Wildland Fire Fighting Equipment. 

GSA Program Click here to cisit the Community Assistance Page and get more information about the GSA program.

Town Tool Program

This program allows towns to order fire equipment and personal protective equipment directly through the Division of Forests and

Equipment can be ordered directly through the Forest Ranger or by contacting the Concord office at: 271-2214
For a list of Town Tools - click the link above (under Equipment) 


Click Here to visit the NH PRESCRIBED FIRE COUNCIL webpage.

You will find information useful toward planning and implementing prescribed fires

Weather Information

 Northeast Compact Fire Weather Situational Awareness Page
This page brings you comprehensive fire weather information for the northeast compact area, including New Hampshire.


NH Weather Stations
This site gives you quick access to weather station information across much of New Hampshire.

         This USFS site has many resources useful for pre-planning.

 You can get the free Acrobat Reader software here.