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The Forest Management Bureau consists of three programs: Forest Management of all state-owned woodlands, State Forest Nursery, and the Fox Research and Demonstration Forest. Through these programs the bureau is charged with the forest management of woodlands under state jurisdiction, cultivation and sale of seedlings for forestry and conservation, and the research, demonstration and promotion of scientific forestry.

  • Forest Management Program
    Under Chapter 227-H, the forest management program carries out forestry activities on more than 167,000 acres of state-owned reservations, more than 11,000 acres of Federal Flood Control Areas under a natural resource management license with the US Army Corps of Engineers, and more than 23,000 acres of Fish and Game Department lands by memorandum of understanding. The bureau has three regions to carry out its program.

    State-Owned Reservations


    Wildlife Management Areas
    For decades, the Division of Forests and Lands and the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department have worked cooperatively to ensure that forest practices on state lands help enhance wildlife habitat. This cooperation, guided by each agencies statutory authority, has been formalized by two formal agreements. In 1986, Fish and Game and the Division of Forests and Lands entered into a nationally recognized cooperative agreement to jointly manage wildlife habitat on all state lands through a jointly funded program with Pittman-Robertson federal aid in wildlife restoration dollars from the US Fish and Wildlife Service via the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, matched by state dollars from the Division of Forests and Lands.

    A second formal agreement, was executed in 1993 that included Fish and Game, Forests and Lands, and the Division of Parks and Recreation to combine agency resources for the improvement of wildlife habitat, forest recreation, and forestry operations for public benefit on state-owned lands under each agencies administration. A key effort to implement this cooperation is through the Cooperative Land Management Program which includes all state agencies having authority over state-owned woodlands.

    Federal Flood Control Area License
    Ever since the US Army Corps of Engineers developed the Merrimack River Basin Flood Control Project beginning with the Blackwater Flood Control Area in 1954 in the towns of Webster and Salisbury, the Department of Resources and Economic Development has held a forestry and wildlife management license with the US Army Corps of Engineers. This license includes the Blackwater, Franklin Falls and Hopkinton Everett Flood Control Areas and is executed through the Division of Forests and Lands.

  • State Forest Nursery
    Since 1911, just under 76 million seedlings have been raised and distributed by the State Forest Nursery for traditional planting programs including reforestation, wildlife food and cover, Christmas tree growing stock, erosion control, site reclamation and other conservation purposes.
  • Fox Research and Demonstration Forest
    Fox Forest was gifted to the State of New Hampshire by Caroline A. Fox in 1932 to maintain a research and demonstration station in Hillsborough. Since then the Fox Forest Trust has provided regular funds to demonstrate proper scientific forestry, provide areas for applied forest research, provide programs on natural resource management and, develop a forest and property for public access and use.



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